Birmingham/ Redditch

Jedidiah Rogers


level - 2 gym Instructor


Level 3 - Personal Trainer


level 2 and 3 - Personal Trainer

No First Aid Qualification

All round expert working with people completely new to the gym straight through to athletes trying to get that upper edge

as a young kid i was obsessed with sports, being active and exploring outside. As I got older this playing in all sports possible but focused my time into football and basketball. When i got to 15 years old i managed to afford my first gym membership and almost from day one i was hooked. i knew i had a real love and passion for training and wanted to share this with others to help them experience the amazing physical and mental benefits from training so i went on to get my level 2/ 3 personal training qualification. I then decided to expand my knowledge and go get a degree in strength and conditioning in order to improve my coaching. I now look to help all people no matter age or experience towards helping them achieve their fitness goals.


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