How To Become a PT in the UK

December 16, 2021

If you fancy a career as a personal trainer but have no idea how to become a PT in the UK, you are in just the right place. A career as a PT can be rewarding, as you can earn an average salary of £23,804 for being PT in London.

If you are a fitness buff, a career as a PT will be a great way to do what you love while making a good deal of income, but it is not as simple as just printing a few fliers and distributing these at your local gym.

To become a successful Personal Trainer, there are a few simple but necessary steps you will need to take, and we’ve outlined them below for your benefit.

Is a Career as a PT Right For You?

To become a successful personal trainer, i.e. a PT that is trusted, has a strong client base and earns a good living – you need a healthy dose of commitment. To quote a popular phrase “Rome wasn’t built overnight” and neither should you assume that being a successful PT will be like a get rich quick scheme. So, are you passionate about all things fitness? Do you look forward to your workouts when you’re at work or uni?

Are you that person that has a plan for how you are going to approach each workout? You genuinely love helping your friends or people in the gym with particular exercises, form or nutrition plans.

To be a successful PT is a real challenge, so much so that the person who wants it must be ready to accept wholeheartedly.
Are you someone that says, “I want to be a successful PT” but shies away from a challenge or do you stand up to it?

Can you be the voice of reason and positivity when everyone around you is chaotic and negative? These are all essential qualities of a personal trainer, and if you’re confident you possess them, here’s how to become a PT in the UK.

Essential Steps to Become a PT in the UK

  1. Get Qualified

A level 3 diploma allows you to work as a self-employed PT in the UK and is the most essential qualification to aim for. This course takes 5 weeks with Power Academy.

Additionally, a level 3 diploma will allow you to work as a fitness instructor in a gym or a health club in the UK. To qualify for the level 3 diploma, you must first acquire the level 2 diploma. This qualification takes 3 weeks at Power Academy and requires no prior qualifications. For motivated learners, you can take the combined level 2 and 3 certification, which runs for a total of 8 weeks.

Both courses are accredited by the Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPs), the most valued regulatory body in the Personal Training community.

Both Level 2 and 3 PT training course is also available online from Power Academy, so you can start and finish your course right from the comfort of your own home.

2. Get Insured

In addition to a fitness certification, you will need personal trainer insurance to cover instances of injury to a client while under your supervision. No matter how careful you are, there is always some risk of injury to your clients, and in certain cases, you may be held liable for these.

3. Acquire First Aid Certificate

This includes a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate (CPR). You must have these qualifications in the unfortunate event that your client gets injured or suffers a heart attack during a session.

Get Started – Become a PT in the UK

The journey begins by making the right choice when deciding on a training provider. What are you waiting for? Apply to join Power Academy and turn your passion into a career.

At Power Academy, we have a rich history of providing comprehensive fitness training qualifications. If you’re ready to begin a rewarding career as a PT, get in touch with us right away!