How long does an Online Personal Training course take?

December 16, 2021

A question that comes to numerous individuals’ minds when they consider becoming a Personal Trainer is “how long is a Personal Trainer course?”, “Will I be able to focus on the course?”, and “Will I be able to become a Personal Trainer online?”.

So what is the appropriate response according to you?

The answer may shock you but with Power Academy UK it may not take as long as you might be thinking. We have choices that allow you to graduate as a completely qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer in just twelve weeks.

Or if you prefer a more flexible timescale, why not look at our online Personal Trainer courses where you’re accountable for your learning, with adaptability to suit you.

Below we’ll talk about the entirety of our training courses in more detail!

How Can You Become an Online Personal Trainer in Just twelve Weeks?

At Power Academy UK, we realize that on the off chance that you buckle down you’ll receive enormous benefits, which is the reason we offer our full-time Personal Training course which sees you qualified in just twelve weeks!

But don’t be fooled into thinking that this course is really fast and hence should be the ‘simple’ choice.

In this course, you will cover the Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing, followed by the Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. What’s more, if that didn’t seem like enough, we also offer you the chance to finish the Active IQ Combined Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing Personal Training.

Indeed, this course will challenge you however on the off chance that you genuinely have the energy and the ‘how long will it take to become a Personal Trainer’ question bothers you, at that point, we can show you the abilities required to be a Personal Trainer in only five weeks.

Here are a few reasons why people prefer online personal trainers:

  • Work out on your timetable

Since the exercise sessions aren’t done face to face, you can decide to exercise whenever you like. We all lead busy lives and would sometimes prefer not to travel to a gym to train with somebody or have to hurry to and from work to get to the gym on time. Another reward is that numerous online exercises contain a great deal of bodyweight work outs, which can be finished at home which means  you can be completely accountable for your own wellness!

  • Affordability

Not every person can manage the cost of one-on-one gym sessions. Particularly if you do more than one session a week, that can have a real knock-on effect on your finances. However, most online fitness coaches charge much less for online training sessions than face-to-face sessions. In fact, a month’s worth of online training sessions would probably cost you the same as an hour of training in person. Your interest in your wellness loosens up much more.

  • Communication with your trainer

How regularly do you figure you would message an in-person trainer? All things considered, with online training, you can message your trainer whenever. Being online ensures the lines of communication are consistently open.

  • Access to an Expert

Working with an online fitness coach implies they don’t need to be in the same city as you. You can locate the ideal fitness coach to fit your wellness objectives and necessities whether that is Olympic lifting, losing weight, or long-distance race preparation and they don’t need to live near you to offer personal training!

  • Inspiration and Accountability

While online training may include more self-inspiration, your coach is only a click away. What’s more, if your online coach is a decent one, they’ll be contacting you every week to monitor your advancement and ensure that you are finishing your exercises.

Getting Results!

Since everything is online, it’s easily identifiable. Need to know how many reps you’ve completed? or how much you’ve benched in weight earlier? Indeed, even details like body weight and muscle versus fat ratio can be followed and seen on a chart over time.

So, if you already know if you are looking for a career in the personal trainer field, look at this alternative way of working online.

How long is the Online Personal Trainer Course?

For those with truly busy life schedules where you can’t focus on explicit days or weekends, allow us to present our e-learning based Personal Training course.

You can acquire a Personal Trainer qualification with the online Personal Training course offered by Power Academy UK. It can typically be finished in around 12-15 weeks, yet the genuine allure of this course is that you have as long as three years to complete it!

With an online course, you are totally in charge of your start and finish dates, to fit around your schedule and lifestyle.

Permitting you to work at your speed, the e-learning platform gives you access to downloadable materials, access to Power Academy’s experienced tutors and ongoing support throughout your studies.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be a completely accredited, universally perceived Level 3 Personal Trainer, enabling you to work as a Personal Trainer anyplace in the world!

Now That You Know How Long the Personal Trainer Course is, How Do You Get Started?

For more information about the courses we offer and how they can benefit you, click here and get registered today for this course!